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Finghall Valentines Day Quiz

Another successful evening
​Your Support Helped Raise


​All proceeds to the charity 'Candlelighters'
and other good causes.
Grateful thanks to Helen, Ian & Staff at the Queens Head
and to those people who supported the event in any way,
from the Barrel Push Committee



Dear Villagers

Your help would be appreciated! Are there any Charities or other Good Causes you would like the Barrel Push to support next year?


If you have any suggestions or would like to nominate a charity please contact Eddie, the Barrel Push Secretary, on 01677 450796


any member of the Organising Committee.


Early this year, with your help, the Barrel Push raised £3,500 which was then donated to four local charities.





Constable Burton and Finghall Parish Council


A rather nice plan of a  walk has  turned up in the Parish Council Files , walking round Constable Burton and Finghall, photographs of the walk included.
  The Clerk had been advised of the walk some time ago and had downloaded and filed it for interest.
Details from the Parish Clerk.


Latest News
We were notified by Highways that all drains in Finghall had been inspected on the 22 January and there were no obstructed gullies.

Pot Holes
Some defects were rectified when the Highways Officer inspected the Pot Holes. 
In view of the recent rain thought it might be interesting to take a look back to January 2004!!

Joan Hainsworth  Clerk to the Council


Our New Neighbourhood Watch signs are being being installed this morning 5 Feb. Ian and Phil walking round the village with a ladder (no they are not cleaning windows). Very many thanks to PCSO 5232  Don Watson for delivering them to us, they were only ordered 4 Feb. and they arrived last night for installation today.  The scheme was set up  in April 1991 and has worked well with excellent co-operation from our local Police when incidents have been reported.

Joan Hainsworth Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator.



Parish Council up date - Highways - following on from reporting the issue of water draining across the road at the bottom of Finghall Bank,  the Highways Officer put tarmac round the drain. This has not cured the problem and I am now advised that it is due to seepage out of the verges and hopefully if the weather improves the matter will resolve itself.

The matter of unauthorised signs at the bottom of the hill on the side of the A684.  The Clerk had received complaints concerning these signs people felt that they were restricting vision along the A684.  Hopefully with the removal of the signs the problem will not occur again.  The Parish Council have not had this issue  until this year so hopefully the matter has now been resolved.

Speed concerns - the Clerk received a communication from North Yorkshire Police on Saturday afternoon concerning speed.  The Police have indicated that it would be helpful if we filled in the Speed Complaint form on their web site to allow them to assess the situation.  Thanks to Mike at Bradford Cottage we now have a number of printed forms if anyone would prefer this method.  It would be helpful if people would support this initiative.

Joan Hainsworth Clerk to the Council 



A Meeting of Constable Burton and Finghall Parish Council was held on the 19 November 2019

Matters discussed.

Precept - as unexpected expenditure ie Traffic Management - Murder Stone - New Battery Defib  Bolts on Swings at Constable Burton resulted in the Council having to draw into the very small reserve that is held the Chairman felt that the Precept would have to be increased and suggested a10% increased, this would bring the Precept up to £2420. This was agreed by Councillors.
BT - Removal of telephone boxes - the Parish Council had made representations to Richmond District Council regarding the removal of all boxes in our Parish stating that the mobile network was not always adequate and land lines were needed in the case of an Emergency.

Notice Boards - following a query from Hauxwell  re the Parish Notice Boards  the Clerk advised that the Notice Boards  were primarily for displaying Parish Information but that other bodies could display notices ie Churches or Village information but notices for personal gain could not be displayed.  Keys were held by Councillors for the four Notice Boards within the Parishes and they would be happy to provide the key or put notices up. Notices put up by the Clerk or Councillors should not be interfered with as some of them have legal requirements regarding display.

Trees Constable Burton.   Cllr. Dobson requested pruning of trees at Ashfield Close the Clerk would contact Richmond District Council for help with this.

Footpath Finghall - villagers have cleared the footpath in Finghall from Church Lane to Blew House Lane but the Clerk informed that the footpaths people maintained the path twice a year. The Clerk checked with the paths people and they confirmed this but indicated that overhanging vegetation was the responsibility of the landowner and he would have to be contacted to request future maintenance.  The exercise was with a view to encouraging people to walk round Finghall but the Clerk was concerned increased footfall might impinge on the properties adjacent to the path.

The Clerk advised that there was no progress on Litter and Dog Fouling Bins.   
Murder Stone - Cllr Ormston attended the Meeting to advise the present position on the Murder Stone.  He advised  he was in contact with David France the Stonemason who repaired the stone to install a suitable plaque  and discussions were ongoing as to the type of plaque which would have to withstand the conditions at the site ie water pouring from the pipe etc.  £300 had been allocated for the project.

Gravestone - The Clerk advised that earlier on in the year she had received queries regarding the headstones from some of the older graves in St Andrews being laid down . Confusion had arisen as some Parish Councils were responsible for Burial grounds and Cemeteries but Constable Burton and Finghall Parish Council were not responsible on this occasion.  People were concerned about the situation, the Clerk herself being extremely upset and felt it was disrespectful.  The Clerk had researched a directive from the Government in 2007 regarding  liaising with the community regarding this type of incident as it had an impact on communities and individuals if the stones were laid down cordoned off etc  and there was a need for greater sensitivity where the community was involved.

Speed - Paul Wetherill attended the Meeting to discuss speeding traffic through Finghall.  The item had already been included on the Agenda as more and more people were concerned.   The Chairman advised that as more properties were being built in the village increased traffic flow would become more of an issue.  The Parish Council would write to North Yorkshire Police and Highways to ask for their input. This matter would be taken very seriously as it was becoming a real issue.   The Clerk had received comments that it was felt some residents were driving too fast.  The Clerk had produced a print out of the speed through Finghall taken as far back as July 2003 this resulted in a suggestion that it was our  perception of speed and at that time no vehicles had exceeded the speed limit

Community Emergency Plan - The Chairman advised he had attended a Meeting at Richmond District Council where the issue of Emergency Planning  was discussed following the floods in Leyburn.  The Parish Council had an Emergency Plan in place but it was felt that this needed updating.  Councillors were given a copy of the existing plan and asked to return it to the Clerk with amendments  to facilitate the updating. The previous plan had been printed for the Parish by the late Alex Blair a nice memory.

Notices were given out for next years Meetings and the names of the Parish Councillors for the seven Parishes the Clerk looks after were included on the Notice The Parish Clerk is Joan Hainsworth and can be contacted  at Tel. No. 01677451896 and Joan is happy to help anyone with any problems 24/7

Joan Hainsworth. Clerk


Finghall History Project


Dear Villagers,


Following the very successful Village History Day back in January a small Group of people have been researching various aspects of Finghall's past. We are now pleased to report that graphics (i.e. artwork, design and content) for a Village Information Lectern (similar to the one shown below) are now complete. The graphics, which contain fascinating facts about Finghall's history, have been forwarded to a company specialising in the manufacture of heritage lecterns and signs. We are hoping the lectern will be installed near to the Queens Head by the end of the year.



The lectern is made from recycled plastic (as shown) and has an A1 sized panel with an anti-graffiti coating.


Thank you to all those who have supported this phase of the project including Richmondshire Area Partnership who have helped with funding.


Phase two is currently underway. Our aim is to produce a leaflet entitled ‘Exploring Finghall – A Walk Through Time', this will guide the reader on a walk around the village visiting many interesting and historic sites including Finghall Lane Station and St. Andrews Church.


If you would like to get involved in the History Project then please contact Nick Horn


Further updates to follow.

Finghall History Group.



The monthly Police Report is displayed in the Parish Notice Board, we are asked as villagers to remain vigilant and report suspicious vehicles etc. Very many thanks to Hazel Wetherill who includes any Neighbourhood Watch  Notices that need to be delivered to every property in the village when delivering the Parish Magazine.  No mean feat, Hazel has delivered the Parish Magazine for Finghall for the past 27 years.  Thanks Hazel.




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Local Businesses

Lowmill Landscapes, 4 Church Lane, Finghall, Leyburn, DL8 5NA, (Tel: 01677 450510/07710 747891)
Professional Landscaping Specialists, providing efficient service throughout the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding area.

P A Blackburn Limited, Southwick Garage, Finghall, Leyburn, DL8 5NB, (Tel: 01677 450833)
Car & Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Repairs and MOT testing.

The Queens Head, Westmoor Lane, Finghall, Leyburn, DL8 5ND (Tel: 01677 450259 )
For great food, character and real sense of history, all can be experienced with a visit to the Queen's Head.

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