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Once again a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supported this year's Barrel Push and Village Fete.

Having now paid all our expenses the Organising Committee are pleased to announce that £3,500 has been donated to four local charities. This money also includes profits  from the Quiz Night held earlier in the year.

This year's chief beneficiary was Herriot Hospice Homecare (£1,750), with smaller donations awarded to the Swaledale Mountain Rescue (£750), the Dales Centre, Bedale (£750) and the Harmby Under 5's Pre-School (£250). All these charities were suggested by local people, and do amazing work within our community.

If you would like to nominate a charity or other good cause to benefit from next years event please get in touch with a Committee Member or contact our Secretary via e mail on


Constable Burton and Finghall Parish Council


The Annual General Meeting of Constable Burton and Finghall Parish Council was held on the 21 May. 2019  Ian Hainsworth was elected Chairman, Keith Loadman was elected Vice Chairman.  All other business was carried forward to the Ordinary Meeting.

The Audit figures were presented by  Ian Hainsworth Chairman and the Audit was checked by the Councillors.  The Bank Statements were also checked and agreed.  The balance after the Audit was completed to carry forward to next year was £358.68. Two accounts were already in to be paid. Item 8 on the Agenda referred.

The first instalment of £1100 of the 2019 Precept had been paid into the Bank by Richmond District Council. An additional litter bin had been requested this was now been put on  awaiting list. The Clerk advised that she was awaiting information from North Yorks CC regarding the Broadband at Hauxwell.  The Culvert at Cox Pasture would be reported. 

Communication at Hauxwell. - the Clerk advised that all details regarding the Parish Council could be obtained on the Finghall Village web site.

Dog Bin. - Cllr. Irwin would ascertain ownership of the bin as it appeared to be behind the Telephone Box.

There was no Village Report for Barden.

Under Any Other Business the Clerk requested that the issue of the Murder Stone and non communication between Cllr. Ormston and Sedgewick be minuted as the decision they had reached without consulting with the Parish Council was at odds with the general view of the village which was that a stone plaque would be in keeping with the Stone. The Clerk was pursuing this when the matter was taken out of her hands.   The Clerk felt that the Parish Council are there to represent the views of the village and felt it was extremely bad form not to have been consulted on the type of plaque.The Stone will now have a Brass? plaque.

Village - Meeting - Hauxwell - various issues  had been raised at Hauxwell which included. Litter, Telephone Box, Broadband, Culvert at Cox Pasture, Communication, Dog Bin - these issues to be taken forward to the Parish Meeting.

The date of the next meeting will be 20 August 2019.



The Village Meeting was held on the 2 May 2019 the Methodist Chapel Finghall.

Three villagers attended Barbara, Eric and Roy.

The previous minutes were handed round and any issues raised.

Nichols Stone – designated as property belonging to the Parish Council.

Joan Hainsworth advised the meeting that she was very annoyed at the way the Parish Council had been treated by the District Councillor Ormston and County Councillor Sedgewick.

The Parish Council had investigated the ownership of the stone and dealt with the Highways and Traffic Management people. The Clerk had consulted with villagers as to some type of plaque for the stone and it had been suggested that it would be nice for a stonemason to make a plaque in keeping with the materials that surrounded the stone.

Cllr. Ormston advised at Christmas that he was taking the organisation of the plaque on board and on the evening of the lst May (prior to the elections) he telephoned to say that he had a meeting with Sedgewick and they had decided that they would have a brass plate made for the stone. There had been no consultation with the Parish Council and it was felt that this was extremely discourteous.

Roy advised the Meeting that Marge had requested a litter bin for the hill as they collected litter. Ian advsed that Ann and Sally and Robin also contributed.

Ian advised re affordable housing as relating to the fact that the contribution which should be made by Blackburn to the fund had been waived. RDC had advised that if it was deemed unviable cost wise for the builder the fee was waived. Barbara and Eric and Joan thought this was extremely unfair and how did affordable homes every materialise if it was as easy as that to opt out of paying. It needed looking in to.

Joan asked that letters of thanks be sent to Brian Harker, Coffee morning ladies and …
she also commented on how well the daffodils had done this year and suggested that the village make some effort to deadhead them in order to produce even better bulbs for next year.

Meeting closed 8.30pm


Constable Burton Village Meeting Minutes

Thursday 25th April 2019

Present: Councillors Keith Loadman and Hilda Dobson, Kylie Ford, Jenni Shaw, Gillian Carss, Stewart Ayres and Cathy Ayres.

Going through minutes of previous meeting:
- Road signage: this would cost £1,980 and is therefore too expensive.
- Cherry tree: the council say they don’t prune trees and that the tree in its present state is ok but they will monitor it.
- Gravel on Station Road was removed.
- Potholes in Mill Lane: there has been a partial repair with some holes missed. It is anticipated that the ones repaired will not last long.
- Drain near Smithy: this was unblocked promptly.

Matters arising:
- Jenni raised the issue of the street light which is directly outside her property. The light is left on 24 hours is very bright and shines straight into her bedroom window. Could this light be turned off late evening? And could a grit bin, for winter weather, be installed? Possibly on the right hand side of the junction as it gets very icy here causing problems driving out onto the main road. These items will be brought up at the next Parish Meeting.
Update regarding light – a shade was installed on the light (RD6) within 3 days, which was a good result.
- Tree outside No.4 Mill Lane. Could this be checked by the Council to see if it is sound? It also looks to be top heavy. We are still also waiting to hear what is happening to the large beech tree on the green which was expected to be taken down this Spring before it came into leaf. Council to check re permission for the beech tree to be taken down as it has a preservation order.

- Post Box: Cathy Ayres had been asked by Valerie Dawson to ask for the laurel bush next to the post box to be trimmed back as she found it very difficult to reach. Josie to be asked if this could be done please.
- A seat on the green needs repairing, Stewart needs help to move the seat so he can do the repair.

Meeting closed 6.30pm



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